My eyes begin to droop as I study the words before me. The pages are filled with numbers and letters; each one more confusing than the last. It becomes impossible to discern what is presented to me. Hours go by and the text starts to get easier. I can feel my brain working its way […]

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I, once again, begin my journey. I gather my belongings and head for the door, grabbing my helmet as I walk past its resting place, nestled among my coats. My bike sits in the bed of my fathers truck, waiting for the opportunity to grind up pebbles and scale hills. The trail winds along the […]

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A Memory Burned

There was a park not too far from here; just outside my neighborhood. Nestled among the trunks of old oaks and leaves, sat a tiny bench from which many a poetic word would flow. There amidst the sequestering branches, I sat as the sun filtered through the bright greens above me. The light washed over […]

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Each new beginning is met with hesitation. Each new challenge is met with the desire to run back to the safety of mediocrity. To be motivated, is to be daring. To accomplish, is to risk defeat. Each word is a risk. Each poem contains the potential to harm the poet. Every time I pick up […]

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Peace and Growing Up

A good book and a hot cup of coffee abate my lingering fears, and for a moment my mind is calm. I am alone as I pore over the words and savor the richness of my drink. A bird flits its tail on my windowsill, warbling as I turn the page. My family remains across […]

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I lay my head on my pillow and immediately my world fills with thoughts. I am bombarded by “what ifs.” As I lay staring at my cold and uninviting ceiling, I ponder the thoughts of how to be more productive and how to get more out of life. As the hours pass by, my mind […]

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My fingers hover over the keys as I debate my ability to put my thoughts into words. Doubt creeps into my mind the longer that I stare at the blinking cursor in front of me. I am stalling; waiting for the creative juice to hit me like some magically elixir, strong enough to cure self-doubt. […]

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