After days of tirelessly working, my mind has run its course; unable to continue its fervent and relentless pace. At long last I can feel the nerves in my feet pulsing with a sense of urgency. I need to rest.

I am a sojourner mindlessly wandering through this melancholic town. I wander the streets; each step on the pavement shocking my system back into awareness.  I have cracked the code of silence by filling every waking minute with words, books, and music.

By keeping the quiet at bay, I avoid the constant worry.

As my body wears from the journey, I can feel myself relax. The whirlwind of the last few days has finally caught up to me. I can’t outrun my thoughts forever.

My head droops down as I type on my keyboard. The words slowly pulling my consciousness forward.

Time is passing much faster now. I cannot seem to keep pace with it. I cannot seem to move like I did yesterday.

My ability to concentrate dwindles with the light of day. Maybe there is rest for the weary after all.


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