The constant calculation of calorie intake consumes my thoughts. I am worried about eating too much or eating to little; exercising too much or exercising too little. I am in constant pursuit of equilibrium, like my body attempting to reach homeostasis. The thing is I cannot handle computations of this magnitude, affected by every breath […]

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At last I am alone with my thoughts. I am alone in my house to ponder and dream up a life filled with memories. I am free to think and free to experiment with food. I have free reign of the television, and the animals of the house listen to me when I speak. I […]

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After days of tirelessly working, my mind has run its course; unable to continue its fervent and relentless pace. At long last I can feel the nerves in my feet pulsing with a sense of urgency. I need to rest. I am a sojourner mindlessly wandering through this melancholic town. I wander the streets; each […]

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I have made it back to the place that has molded me into the person I am today. I have returned to the institution that has provided me with endless hours of education, friendship, and memories. I am once again resting my head on a bed that does not belong to me. I am once […]

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Staring out the window, I contemplate how I ended up here. How did I end up among the traffic? A million decisions before today have led me to this very point in my life. I watch as the children in the car next to me squabble over a a toy. I see the woman in […]

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Dwindling Fortitude

As the days wear on, my body begins to tell my mind that it needs a break. I am running miles both on the road and in my mind. For several days now, I have sequestered myself in my room, to contemplate the plethora of information that lies in the books before me. As I […]

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Berated Beloved

Maybe I was some revenge plot against your ex. Maybe I was your band-aid, to fill the black hole that she left. ¬†And for awhile, I held you together. For awhile, I helped you to heal. But, slowly, I began to whither. I could feel me taking on parts of you that were causing my […]

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